Pedestal and Flange Bearings

Pedestal and Flange Bearings for Hybrid and Electric Vessels

Driveline Service of Portland is more than just driveline solutions. We provide the complete package for your application including the type of bearing that suits your particular requirements. We have extensive experience in selecting the best product for you.

Driveline Service of Portland is the authorized distributor for both SKF/Cooper and Craft Bearings. In marine applications there are propulsion arrangements that require multi-piece driveshaft systems and as an authorized distributor of these companies DLS has the expertise to select and supply the proper bearing for your application. The bearings that DLS can provide are:

  • Pedestal Bearings
  • Flange Bearings

Driveline Service of Portland’s experience in this market gives them the insight when selecting the bearing to ensure that it will meet all operational requirements of the system. Additionally, DLS is able to provide drawings to assist designers with the design of the mounting structure for the bearings. Finally, bearings that have been operating in the field can be sent to DLS for inspection and repair services.

For more information, please contact one of our driveshaft solutions experts.

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