Geislinger Composite Shafting

Driveline Service of Portland is the authorized distributor of Geislinger Composite Shafting Solutions. Geislinger shafting systems are manufactured from advanced composite material offering the lightest weight systems on the market.

The Geislinger shafts are produced in a single carbon fiber piece, meaning that the flange is not additionally linked to the shaft, but is already a part of it. This unique design reduces the weight by approximately 50% compared to steel shaft solutions and offers additional weight savings against carbon fiber shafts with steel flanges. The Geislinger shaft when combined with the Gesilco Misalignment (MB) Coupling offer high dynamic misalignment capabilities for the propulsion system. The Geislinger Shaft line and Misalignment Coupling are designed and manufactured in-house at Geislinger's, manufacturing facility in Austria. By controlling the complete process from design to production, Geislinger ensures the highest quality of these solutions. Geislinger has been providing shaft lines and misalignment couplings to the marine market for over twenty-five years and as an authorized distributor we look forward to developing a lighweight, maintenance free shaftline system for your application. 

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