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The Experts in Driveshaft Technology for Over 40 Years

Since 1974, Driveline Service of Portland has been designing, manufacturing and repairing drive shafts for customers throughout North America. The systems we have developed and the patented machinery we use to assemble and balance our driveshafts result in superior products that deliver unparalleled performance. Driveline Service of Portland, Inc. is a distributor for most universal joint, constant velocity joint, flexible element and gear coupling component manufacturers. 

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Universal Joint Driveshafts

At Driveline Service of Portland, Inc. we specialize in the design, manufacture, and repair of universal joint drive shafts for a wide range of markets and applications. From vehicular to large industrial or marine and agricultural, we have over 40 years of experience that we put to use when selecting the right drivelines for your applications.

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Geislinger Composite Shafts

The Geislinger Composite Shaft are single piece composite shafts with integrated composite flanges. The integrated composite flanges provide a weight reduction of approximately 50% compared to steel flange designs.

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Carbon Fiber Universal Joint Driveshafts

Carbon Fiber Driveshafts have become a popular solution for many applications due to their exclusive characteristics including high RPM, high torque capacity, light weight, increased safety, decreased noise, and reliability.

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Aluminum Driveshafts

High strength and low weight at a reasonable cost, aluminum driveshafts are used in passenger car, light truck and racing applications. In passenger cars they reduce weight, increasing performance and fuel economy.

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Constant Velocity Driveshafts

Constant Velocity, or CV drive shafts, are a unique type of drive shaft that allows for continual rotational velocity through a variable angle without a significant increase in friction or play.

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The Aquadrive antivibration system will help you, and your crew, enjoy the peace and quiet of boating. By isolating the engine from the rest of your boat, noise and vibration are greatly reduced.

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Gear Couplings

The simplest, most cost effective coupling for co-axially aligned applications.

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Industry leaders in driveshaft assemblies, parts and repair since 1974

With over 40 years of experience, Driveline Service of Portland, Inc. has become a global leader in the design, manufacture and repair of driveshafts. Highly engineered products, extensive application experience, and a comprehensive inventory enable us to provide timely solutions for the most demanding customer requirements.  Learn more about us.

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