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Automotive Parts

Companion Flanges

Used on a drive and driven shafts to mate with driveshafts that have a flange yoke connections.

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Flange Yoke

Used to connect driveshaft with Flange Yoke to Companion Flange.

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Slip Yoke

Used to allow for driveshaft length change during operation.

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End Yoke

Used to connect universal joint to gearbox or other input or output shaft

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Center and Tube Yoke

Used to Connect Universal Joints or Constant Velocity Joints to Driveshaft Tubing

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Shafting/Tubing/Yoke & Tube Assembly

Drawn Over Mandrel(DOM) Steel tubing and Straight or Swaged End Aluminum Tubing for Vehicular Use. PTO Tubing and Shafting in Several Shapes.

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Stub Shaft

Welded into Driveshaft Tubing for Slip Yoke to Ride On.

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Yoke Shaft

Used with Slip Yoke Where a Very Short Slip Assembly is Required.

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Constant Velocity Driveshafts

Constant Velocity joints and driveshafts are design elements for uniform transmission of torque. Therefore, these elements permit a constant angular velocity on the input and output shafts without the need to achieve the mounting conditions required by universal joint driveshafts.

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Small Parts

Hardware Used on Driveshafts.

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Center Support Bearings

Used to connect multiple piece driveshafts to one another and support driveshafts from vehicle frame. Also known as a carrier bearing.

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Wing Bearing Driveline Products

Heavy Duty Style of Universal Joint Used on Trucks and Industrial Equipment. Also Known as Mechanic's Style Universal Joints.

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General Information

We are an authorized distributor for many quality brands of automotive and truck driveshafts including American Axle, Meritor, Neapco, Powertrain Industries, Sonnax Industries, Spicer and many others. We have a large inventory of these parts to provide the best service to our customers.

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Aluminum Driveshafts

High strength and low weight at a reasonable cost, aluminum driveshafts are used in passenger car, light truck and racing applications. In passenger cars they reduce weight, increasing performance and fuel economy.

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Sprinter Van

Complete New Replacement Driveshafts for all Sprinter Models

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BMW & Mercedes Benz

Remanufactured Driveshafts for most BMW and Mercedes Benz Models

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Re-manufactured Driveshafts

Re-manufactured Driveshaft Programs

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Driveshaft Repair Services

From minor to major repairs, we do them all!

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